Gilbert Sheetmetal operates a comprehensive health and safety system and holds an ACC WSMP Tertiary Level Accreditation. Gilbert Sheetmetal has an in house health and safety coordinator and external health and safety advisors to provide specialist input.

A well-functioning company-wide health and safety system is critical to Gilbert Sheetmetal’s success. Gilbert Sheetmetal achieved tertiary accreditation in 2009 and has maintained this high standard ever since. 

ACC tertiary accreditation is only awarded to those businesses that meet all the requirements of ACC’s audit standards as well as actively demonstrate a commitment to continuous improvement of health and safety in all aspects of their operation. Businesses can only achieve the tertiary level when they have a clear record of established systems and practices operating effectively in their workplace. 

Although the accreditation process is no longer employed by ACC, Gilbert Sheetmetal continues to run a comprehensive health and safety program which would meet those requirements.